The Winner – Sang Pemenang

A nice surprise on the Independence Day 🙂

Warm greeting from Canberra (in the midst of cold winter),
Alhamdulillah. The English Writing Competition for the commemoration of the 2012 National Education Day has eventually reached its final stage.

Board of judges, consisting of Prof Aris Junaidi (Educational and Cultural Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra) and A’an Suryana (PhD Candidate/former journalist at the Jakarta Post), have decided three winners as follows:


  1. First winner: I Made Andi Arsana, PhD Candidate (Univ. of Wollongong)
    Article: Rethinking Education of Ocean Affairs; the Jakarta Post
  2. Second winner: Fahlesa Munabari, PhD Candidate (UNSW/ADFA)
    Article: A Look into ASEAN-China’s DOC; the Jakarta Post
  3. Third winner: Adlin Sila, PhD Candidate (Australian National University)
    Article: Jihad, Pesantren and Terrorist Encounters; the Jakarta Post

We congratulate all the winners for their achievement. May you all extend the inspiration to Indonesian young intellectuals to strive for excellence through their works.

This announcement also marks the end of the long celebration chain of the 2012 National Education Day. On behalf of the committee, we thank every single party who have devoted their time and energy to support all events in the commemoration. Special thank goes to the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, particularly the Education and Cultural Attaché section, for their full support, without which this commemoration would have never been a reality.

Have a productive day and happy Independence Day!
Yasmi Adriansyah
Committee Chief of the 2012 National Education Day

PS: Winners will be contacted for further information on prizes award.

The above article is ‘creatively’ translated from a post in Yasmi Adriansyah’s FB account.


Author: Andi Arsana

I am a lecturer and a full-time student of the universe

16 thoughts on “The Winner – Sang Pemenang”

  1. waoooo selamat pak! memang benar, jika pemenang akan menemukan waktu dan saat yg tepat untuk mengukuhkan kemenanngannya. Semangat pak 🙂 selamat. *menjura hormat*

  2. Percaya khan mas…kalau…kekalahan itu adalah sebuah keberhasilan yg tertunda…., Tuhan menunda kemenanganmu…pd kompetisi yg sebelumnya, karena mnrt Tuhan…Mad Andi layak mendapatkan kemenangan yg lebih baik…yg bukan hanya berdasarkan vote terbanyak SELAMAT MAS ANDI……ini memang kemenangan..mas…tapi jg sekaligus mjd KEBANGGAAN bg kami….MERDEKA !!!!!!!

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