Lita’s Mission: Writing a Speech!

“Hello Ayah”

“Hey, Lita. It’s you?!”

“Yes, it’s me”

“How do you know that I wanted to talk to you?”

“Hmm… well actually, I don’t know”

“Oh haha. Where are you?”

“I am on the way home.”

“With Ibu?”

“Yes, she is driving”

“Oh that’s why you’re picking up the phone”

“Yeah right”

“Lita, I wanted to talk to you. I need a hand”

“Do you need what?”

“I need a hand! I need your help”

“Oh, a hand. Okay. What is it?”

“You know Bu Luh is an English teacher, right?”

“Yes, I know”

“She is also teaching kids in the village, right?”

“Yes, I know Ayah”



“For the coming independence day, the tujuh belas agustus thing, she would like to organise a competition”


“Yes, it is an English Speaking Competition”

“Oh Ayah, please….”

“No… Don’t take me wrong. I am not asking you to participate in the competition”

“Oh okay.. that’s good!”

“The competition is for the kids. For Bu Luh’s students”

“Oh okay..”

“But I need you to do me a big favour”

“Hmm… what is it?”

“Please write me a speech. An English Speech, will you?”

“What for?”

“Okay, the kids in the village, Bu Luh’s students, will participate in the competition. They will have to deliver a speech for that.”


“And Bu Luh needs our help to write them a speech. The kids will read it during the competition”

“Oh okay…”

“Can you, please?”

“Hmm.. okay… “

“This is a simple speech only. Maybe less than a page of HVS paper”

“Can I use complicated words?”

“Hmm… it is better not to use too many complicated words”

“Oh, it’s going to be hard”

“Hahahaa.. come on”

“It’s true Ayah”

“Okay, I understand. But please. Use simple language. As simple as possible, Ok. I know you can do it. Please….”

“Okay, I will do it”

“Great! Thank you so much”

“When do you need it?”

“Hehe this is the problem. I need it tonight”


“Yes, tonight!”

“Okay, tonight is long. What time Ayah?”

“Hmm… I will be flying to Jakarta at 8pm and arrive there probably at 9 something pm. I will go directly to my hotel and may arrive at the hotel at around 10pm. If you can send me the file around 10.30pm or 11ish, it will be great!”

“Hmm… okay!”

“Oh really? Do we have a deal?”

“Ok, Ayah.. I will try!”

“Oh thank you so much. You save my life, Lita! I love you so much!”

“I love you too Ayah”

“Okay, I will be waiting for your file tonight, Okay?!”


“Love you, Lita”

“Love you too, Ayah”

“Okay bye-bye”


Later that night …

“Hello Ayah…”

“Hey Lita… you sound sleepy”


“Are you done yet?”

“Does it have to be tonight?”

“Hehe… well, not really”

“Can I finish it tomorrow?”

“Okay… that’s fine! Have a good rest. It’s late already”

“Bye Ayah…”

“Bye Lita..”

The next day… in an email

“Dear ayah,

this is the speech you asked for.



Pas dibuka, welah dalah kok temanya tentang Pancasila? Bocah hehehe… 

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.05.56 PM


Author: Andi Arsana

I am a lecturer and a full-time student of the universe

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