Inspired by something that has yet to exist

Inspired by someone you know or a writing that you have read? That is nothing new. We all have the experience in one way or another. We often say or do things in a particular way because of what others have done. Put simply, were are inspired by something that exists. Now, the question: can we be inspired by something that has yet to exist? Can non-existence be a reason for us to do things in a certain way? I have a story to share.

One day I was driving in a reasonably quiet city of Wollongong, Australia. It was my unlucky day since a car passing close by was misbehaving. The car suddenly overtook me and cut my line just before stopping due to a red light. Of course I was surprised and shocked since it was not something one experiences every day in Wollongong. I was about to hit the horn and yell. However, at the very critical moment there was something in me whispering “don’t do that” and I followed it. I was thinking for a while and then decided to smile, instead of cursing. I smiled to the car in front of me and I could see the driver’s face from his mirror. Having noticed me smiling, he raised his hand and smiled too. The difference was that he did it with a feeling of guilty which was noticeable from his eyes and face. I vaguely  saw his lips saying “sorry”. It was not bad at all. If I did not decide to prevent myself from yelling, the story might have been different.

Why did I manage to control myself? It is not about religion, and had nothing to do with good character. When I was thinking for a while to decide what to do, I was imagining to write something about the incident. I imagined myself reading a short posting on my blog about it. My question to myself was “how do I want the posting on my blog to be?” Further more I asked “do I want to read myself being angry and cursing someone on the street or me smiling and being patient even though a crazy driver misbehaves and put my life in danger?” An answer to the question was the reason of my decision.

What I did that afternoon was inspired by a writing that has yet to be written. I did something in such a way I wanted to see it on my writing. Actions and the writings can really inspire each other.




Author: Andi Arsana

I am a lecturer and a full-time student of the universe

7 thoughts on “Inspired by something that has yet to exist”

  1. Obviously you have a great control between your emotion and your action that takes a seconds to occurred. It’s a hard thing to do. Great job Sir, your story as always, inspired a lot.


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