Kidung Kasmaran – A song of falling in love

The above song is in Balinese. I sing it again for Asti’s 33rd birthday today on 8 July 2012. I just realise that this song might sound a little bit too much and over romantic but fifteen years ago things were certainly different. Here is my own version of translation. Enjoy 🙂

Listen to me my dear

I am singing a song for you

A song of falling in love

The love that I have always have for you

You are the flower of my heart

It has been so long

I have always been waiting for your letter

I wonder if there is someone else in your heart

I am aimless. I feel like a dog longing for offerings

I am day dreaming on my bed

It feels like a million years of waiting

Will you send me a letter?

It seems that my hearth is hung upon the air

No hook, yet I have been locked 

Deep inside heart, I have only you

Your face has always been coloring my day

Should you chose not to believe

You can literally break into my chest and you will know

Note: Kalau didengarkan lagi, lagu lama bisa terdengar lebai abis. Sekarang orang mencibir anak muda yang bilang “I heart you” tapi dulu, mereka, para orang yg tidak muda lagi itu, juga bernyanyi “I swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky” Sama saja 🙂 Jadi mari tidak saling menertawakan. Kalau mengejek, cukup dalam hati saja 😀


Author: Andi Arsana

I am a lecturer and a full-time student of the universe

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