A new way to tour the White House

Do you still remember Google Art Project by which we can ‘visit’ a museum or art gallery without leaving our home? Now we can do just the same for the White House. I understand that the experience of touching an historic paint or an antiquate ceramic plate will never be replaced by exploring things through the screen of your computer. However, the feeling of being able to see things from a very short distance even though without touching them is a stimulating experience too. Imagine this. You have not even yet visited the United States of America for financial reason, for example, but you can have the feeling of doing a White House tour. No queue, no security check, no passport or other ID required, no payment, no other visitors so you can enjoy every shingle object without distraction. The most important thing is you can do it anytime you like. No visiting hours applicable. You can do this now, thanks to the Google Art Project. Thanks to the marriage of Geospatial technology and art. Enjoy the White House 🙂


Author: Andi Arsana

I am a lecturer and a full-time student of the universe

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