The Leaders

I was, as usual, lost in the world of Internet last night. I let myself travel anywhere I like in the virtual world while my body was still there, stuck in front of my laptop.

I was surfing YouTube and was attracted by the video posted by John Howard, the Australian PM, concerning global warming. Unfortunately, for an unknown reason, I could not watch the video that has been in the news for quite a while. However, I managed to read all comments left by YouTubers regarding the video. From teens of comments I read, not even one comment expressing good impression. All comments are about cursing Howard. “Howard is an embarrassment to the Australians”, one visitor wrote.

This is to me not uncommon. I have been in Australia for about three years and it is very-very familiar to me to hear people cursing the PM. Simply speaking, it seems nobody likes him. I came up with a conclusion, one day, that he is really bad and Australians do not want him to be a PM anymore. However, the last election told the opposite. Howard was for once again elected. That’s the fact.

Another different story, but similar.
Sometime in 2003, one of my lecturers who is an American told us, the students, emotionally that if you want to be a leader in America, you have to be a fan of wars or at least you have to do several sexual harassment before election. That was, of course a sarcasm. FYI, Arnold was elected to be the Governor of CA and Bush was re-elected as the President of the US at that time. In her opinion as an American, these two men do not deserve place in the American leadership. However, that was the fact. We even still have Bush in the Oval Office until now, no matter how many soldiers he has sent to IRAQ. Happy or not that is the fact.

Similar to what happen to Howard, I always find people saying that they do not like Bush. But Bush is still there.

There must be something wrong, I guess. It seems to me that I do not belong to the majority group of people on earth. I am convinced that nobody likes Howard and Bush only because I read newspapers and Internet news. If both of the leaders were elected by their people, it is then apparent that people do like them. This means that A lot of people shouting in the virtual world are not the real representation of the people. They netters and those who claim themshelf as ‘intelectuals’, in fact, the minority, who are not really able to do much. They do not even have any strength to choose a leader they like. Of course, because the leader that [ordinary] people love is not the one these guys want.

It seems to me that I belong to the minority group. No matter how many places I have visited and how many books I have read about leadership, I am not the real representation of the people. They are the majority and they have stronger power to choose whom they like to be their leader.

Internet and books are such a limited and exclusive treasure of the world. I know you might not agree to what I’ve just said.

Author: Andi Arsana

I am a lecturer and a full-time student of the universe

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