10 Things about Microsoft Word you should know

[simple tips for beginner user]

[1] You can ask Ms Word to do almost anything (open file, write, change font, close document, etc) by your VOICE COMMAND. Using microphone, simply say “open” to open a file, you will face the open dialog window.

[2] Applying keyboard shortcut is much faster than using mouse. Try CTLR + R, CTLR + J, CTLR + L, CTLR + E for alignment.

[3] You can change the case of your font (small to caps, title case, sentence case, etc). Simply highlight the word(s) whose case you want to change and press ALT + O + E.

[4] You can ask Ms Word to repeat similar-patterned operation by recording and running macro. Macro is a visual basic-based customization you can use for automating operations in Ms Word.

[5] You can create a mail merge.

If you have a list of names and addresses to where you are going to send a letter (invitation, information, etc), you can use mail merge tool to combine a master letter with a file containing the list of names and addresses.

[6] You can change the line spacing simply by pressing CTRL + 1 or CTRL + 5 or CTRL + 2

[7] You can show shortcut of every button in screen tips by activating it through menu TOOLS >> CUSTOMIZE.

[8] You can perform writing review digitally (correcting, giving comments, deleting and providing suggestion) using reviewing toolbar.

[9] You can customize your page numbering to be page x of y pages or even in foreign language (halaman x dari y halaman–> Indonesian)

[10] You can create an auto shape (circle, rectangular, etc) and fill it with your desired picture/image.

Author: Andi Arsana

I am a lecturer and a full-time student of the universe

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