Everything lies inside

When almost everybody read the book of R. Kiyosaki, WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? I did the same. After a while the book had been a best seller, I started reading it with millions of questions. I wondered how such a book became a phenomenon. As I suspected, I was disappointed. The book did not really give me something special. I doubted my friend’s claim, saying that it was the best book he had ever seen. “This will bring you to the new stage”, he said someday. Unfortunately, the book is not as great as he described. It was, to me, just a compilation of “ordinary” ideas I had been thinking for quite a while, I believe.

What Kiyosaki had done was to pack the ideas in simple language so everybody can easily understand. He did not invent something big, I am sure. When I carefully asked myself while reading the book, whether the ideas Kiyosaki suggested were surprising? I found myself with “no” answer.

Similarly, whenever I listened to a spiritual speech or whatever similar, I almost always realised that the contents of the speech were just usual. Almost none of them were something really new. It sounded more like a reiteration or repetition to me. It seems to me that the ideas are something I am familiar with. The same ideas I had here inside my head or heart. It was long time before I heard it for the first time.

What happen?
Nothing serious happen. This indicates that everything lies in me. Everything lies in you. The problems are how open-minded you are, how ready you are to something new, and how high you value yourself. Everything lies in you. Don’t search anywhere else as you are knocking the door from inside.


Author: Andi Arsana

I am a lecturer and a full-time student of the universe

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