English Materials: Free Download!

Dear Visitors,

I understand that the materials you are looking for are really important and useful to you. Unfortunately, I have to remove the links from my blog as some protests came regarding legal concerns. Even though, as I mentioned in the disclaimer, the files are stored in the Russian website, creating links to download those files is however considered illegal activity.

Thank you very much for visiting this page. From now on, I will not provide any information regarding any materials that previously posted in this URL.

Best Regards,


Author: Andi Arsana

I am a lecturer and a full-time student of the universe

4 thoughts on “English Materials: Free Download!”

  1. Saya sudah pernah membayangkan akan ada seseorang yang menyediakan buku buku bermutu bahasa inggris di internet. hanya saja, saya tidak membayangkannya begitu lengkap.
    Thanks ya…

  2. he he he…bareng download neh..tq..btw utk baca format compress-an bisa pake 7-zip..freeware..ada di 7-zip.org.. 🙂

  3. jaja..kasep
    bisa bantu saya gak dapatkan file2 toefl materialsnya mulai tahun 1990 s,d 2006 kalo ada..?

    please yah.. bantuin yah lengkap dengan kuncinya yah…(ma’lum orang indonesia asli…agak stupid gitu bahasa inggrisnya…)


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