Robohnya Indonesia Kami

[duka cita mendalam]

It has been less than 24 lunar cycles since the collapse of Indonesia due to the terrible Bali Bombing. Now the nation is once again crying for a similar bomb blast at Kuningan, Jakarta. The figure of ‘nine’ is, of course, too many for the deaths with no reason. More than a hundred were told seriously injured, for a sacrifice they never know the aim. Indonesia! How sad our nation’s destiny is! It can never escape from the cycle of irritating noise. A noise caused not only the death of economy but also the degradation of self confidence. It sometimes declines to the lowest critical point that seems to be irreversible. The noise caused a bloody flood and the lost of lives without any certain meaning. Our nation is broken down terribly!

We are the ordinary people who can only turn our head down and sometimes cry sadly seeing what is happening. We are witnessing some relatives whose not only hand, legs and half faces are burnt out but also souls accompanied by touching cry. The hell fire, that is never clear who the owner and what the aim, has burnt them. Nobody knows the reasons, everything is blurred and will never be obvious. We can only shake our head repeatedly for the unbelievable happening. When is everything getting better?

We fully realise this is a wrong doing! We also acknowledge this will bring mourning not only to those who lose their legs, hands and even lives but also to whole over the nation, which is now turning its head down deeply and moaning sadly. We know the sadness will last so long, leave the ruins of economic death. We don’t know whether it is recoverable.

We keep questioning reflectively. Why is this happening to us? Is it a ‘karmapala’ for whatever crimes we have been doing for almost the entire life? Or is it a result of the carelessness of the authorities of our nation who never think seriously and comprehensively toward the signs the nature has provided? This is probably a serious warning for whatever ‘never ending’ fights we have been doing against brothers and relatives. This is apparently a punishment that must soon awake us from a long nightmare. Or can it be just a small dream in a lazy noon-sleep with no significant meaning? We can never fully understand!

We are the people who will never believe that the cruelness is based on a virtue of a particular spiritual belief. To us, it’s impossible!!! We are maybe ATHEISTS but we always respect and sing an enchanting song to the greatness of every single spiritual faith and religion the people believe on earth. We are the respecters of all kindness. Nothing will seduce us to point at any of the great spiritual faith and claim it to be behind all these stupid scenarios. Even though one is responsible for that and claim to be a representative of particular spiritual group, we believe that she/he is only a bulk of muscle and bone hiding cowardly behind the sanctity of that purity. What do you think?

We hope this is more than enough to awake us from a long sleep. Just let them be the only victims and no more! God will go along with us to reconstruct the terribly broken nation. Please let us do better in life. [Sydney, September 10, 2004]

Author: Andi Arsana

I am a lecturer and a full-time student of the universe

3 thoughts on “Robohnya Indonesia Kami”

  1. Dear Made,

    Here is your IELTS writing result: absolute 10 in terms of idea, fact, coherence, and cohesion.

    Hidup Made yang ngakunya berlaku hina di Sydney. I’m really proud of you.

    Your English teacher,
    Lenny Setiawati

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